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How to find free camping in Utah and Beyond

In the world of travel, there's a certain desire for spontaneity and adventure that road trips offer like no other. The costs can often stand in the way of embracing this way of travel, but what if we told you that hidden within your journey are beautiful spots where you can set up camp for free, surrounded by nature's wonders and under a sky full of stars? Welcome to the world of free campsites, a resourceful and budget-friendly way to experience the great outdoors while staying within your means. In this guide, I'll share how to find the best free camping in Utah and beyond. It's time to unlock the possibilities of cost-effective adventures!

Website and Apps

I use various websites and apps as resources to find the best free camping spots. I highly suggest utilizing all options and cross checking between apps! is a super valuable resource and website for free camping. This is my tried and true way of finding the best spots!

-The interface is user-friendly, the database is extensive, and there are great community reviews.

-Search by location and make sure you fully read reviews and understand the 5 star rating system (5 stars being the best). Choose a campsite based on your vehicle type (is high clearance required?) and camping needs.

-This is downloadable versatile app known for its global coverage

-You can find more than campsites! You can also search for water sources, showers, and other traveler-contributed insights

-Offline maps available and you can even add your own spots

-Another versatile app for campsite reviews and recommendations

-Shows free and paid camping options

-Make sure you read recent reviews, things can change overtime.

-This app has a strong community and focuses on user-generated content

-A feature of this app allows users to filter and search for free camping spots specifically.

-Make sure you contribute your own reviews and experiences to help fellow travelers!

Exact links to our favorite free campsites in Utah and our itinerary can be found here!

Helpful things to look for and understand when searching for free camping:

1. Location

Make sure you are choosing a location that makes sense for your trip and plans. For example proximity to attractions, safety, and convenience.

2. Amenities

Some campsites will have amenities such as toilets, water sources, and trash disposal, and some will not. Make sure you read the reviews correctly and are prepared.

3. Regulations

There may be rules or regulations specific to free camping areas to look for. This may be length of stay, campfire policies, and Leave No Trace principles.

4. User Reviews

Read all user reviews and share your own experiences on the platforms you use to help other travelers.

5. Season and Weather

Season and local weather conditions can affect the suitability of a camping spot.

6. Backup Plans

We never rely on one spot, make sure you have a backup plan. Sometimes campsites may be full or inaccessible despite what reviews say.

7. Safety Considerations:

Stay safe, especially in more primitive and remote areas. Be self aware for personal safety and be prepared for wildlife encounters.

8. Environmental Impact:

Leave no trace principles are so important in these areas. Please be responsible and aware of your impact when using these spots so we can continue to use them for decades to come!


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